Why ?

Because we felt the need to share audiovisual content that not only entertains but also creates a community that encourages and supports people’s talents and respects nature’s beauty in selected corners of the world - such as Central America.


WiLinkU aims to be a virtual “pow wow” where different needs and desires are tackled  =>  where migrants residing abroad can enjoy watching videos on their cultural roots; where world travelers can learn about different countries’ history, people, food, arts, traditions, etc.; where those interested in voluntary work can become acquainted with many exemplary projects carried out by cross-national organizations in our communities or groups supporting migrants in other host countries; and where fun-lovers can find music and entertainment; among others.


In a nutshell, our vision is to connect people beyond borders to celebrate the different national and cultural identities as well as their common interests and values. Our mission is to find, organize, promote, and showcase relevant and motivating audio-visual content.


Our first offer is the “Videos Punch”, a collection of country-oriented videos showing people, places, projects, and activities considered worth-watching.  Our initial focus: tourism, culture, arts, and volunteerism.


As a team of Hondurans, we have started at home by showcasing Central America.  

In every country we set our eyes on, we:

·         Assemble a collection of videos around the aforementioned focus areas.

·         Showcase its local artists, no matter where they are based around the world, and foreign-born artists who have adopted that country as theirs.

·         Highlight the work and presence of foreign-based grass-roots organizations helping local communities in that country or groups abroad connected with these nationals within their borders.


In addition to serving as a digital bridge and meeting place for countries’ friends, Wilinku wants to be a channel of communication, information, education, and regional integration.


We feel fortunate to have reached this far and are delighted to have you with us.


Thanks for your visit and for spreading the news about this portal striving to make you WELCOMED and/or at HOME


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