• Available for 12-month periods.
  • You are free to choose among our different options of size, position and page (subject to availability).
  • We offer horizontal, vertical or square spaces.
  • Within the duration of the contract, you can post up to 5 different versions of your banner.
  • Your banner will show up on the selected page(s) on a rotational basis, independently from the categories or filters applied by visitors, which ensures its constant visibility.
  • You will have access to statistics on the number of impressions or views (# of times the banner has been exposed to visitors) and clicks (# of times visitors clicked on it).
  • You can deliver your banner(s) in JPEG, GIF or Flash format

Order your banner's publication at very competitive prices !

You can download a copy of our banners' media kit in pdf by clicking HERE

Questions ? Doubts ? We can be reached via Skype: wilinku_service, via email @ or by filling out this template

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