Terms of Use & Service

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully.

1 - Terms and Conditions for Users
By accessing the WiLinkU.com portal and other pages managed through social networks you, as User, accept the following terms and conditions:

Service and Registration:
1.1) The Access and use of our website (.com) is open and free for all users. The User may access and view the content as a non-registered or as a registered member. The use of our services shall be under the sole responsibility and risk of the User.

1.2) By registering in our wilinku.com portal, the User gets access to services reserved for members of WiLinkU. Under no circumstance, an improper situation that may occur will generate any liability to WiLinkU, falling this onto the same person that created the situation.

1.3) In addition to the .com portal, WiLinkU shares information and images through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, among others. Any user can access and view this content on these networks following their respective terms and conditions.

1.4) WiLinkU provides links to other sites that are not maintained or controlled by WiLinkU. These links are provided only as additional reference to the User and WiLinkU is not responsible for their content. The User decides to access such sites at his own risk.

1.5)  WiLinkU provides advertising services through banners, text-ads and video-ads.  The User must assume that all banners that show up on the .com portal are sponsored ads. In the case of text-ads and video-ads, we have implemented a graphic element that advises when these are commercially sponsored and gets activated when the User places the cursor over them.

1.6) The registered User agrees not to share his password with any third parties or to use his password for any unauthorized purpose. The User agrees to take all reasonable steps to ensure that any information shared under his name, and using his password, is really his own.

1.7) The User agrees to act honestly at all times, not to impersonate another person or entity, and not to falsify, delete or distort the integrity of the system. The User grants WiLinkU the right to verify any information the User shares, regardless of other routine checks of WiLinkU.

1.8) In cases when the WiLinkU team does the registration on behalf of a User, we will abide by these Terms & Conditions.

Customer Service – Users
1.9) In case of doubts or questions about these Terms and Conditions, please contact us by email: info@wilinku.comor through our Skype account:  wilinku_service.

Modifications to Terms and Conditions for Users

1.10) WiLinkU has the right to review and modify these terms and conditions for Users in the future. In case of material changes, WiLinkU will notify registered Users with enough advance notice. The user can determine when these terms and conditions were last modified when reading the following caption: "LAST UPDATE"

LAST UPDATE: March 26, 2013

2 - Terms and Conditions for Advertisers.

WiLinkU (.com and other domains, including social networks) is an Internet project owned and managed jointly by our associated companies:  Enlaces Globales S. de R.L.(WiLinkU Honduras), Wilinku GmbH (Germany WiLinku) and Wilinku NA LLC (WiLinkU USA). These companies have the exclusive right to use the brand, logos, designs, links, images and other aspects governed by copyright rules, intellectual property, as well as the structure and design of the business. This exclusive right allows them to take the required legal actions to protect against their unauthorized and improper use, against malicious actions that may generate confusion to third parties or are not allowed by these terms and conditions.

These Terms and Conditions define the responsibilities and rights of the group of companies WiLinkU, of independent affiliates and associates ("WiLinkU"), and our commercial sponsors, whether individuals or corporations, ("Advertiser"), and has the extent of a binding agreement between the parties, based on the following statements and clauses:

Contracting Parties:

2.1) Each company in the WiLinkU group has the right to sign direct advertising agreements with each Advertiser either separately or jointly.  The companies or individuals to take part in each Agreement will be defined during the quoting process, purchase order generation and invoicing of services.

2.2) When ordering a WiLinkU service, the Advertiser acknowledges to be either: a natural person legally recognized as an adult in his or her country, or a legal representative of the legal person.

Advertising Rights:

2.3) The Advertiser shall deliver WiLinkU the advertising material for its respective publication. Such delivery represents an automatic granting to WiLinkU of the nonexclusive right to use, reproduce, modify and distribute such information during the agreed period. WiLinkU may provide comments, questions or suggestions of esthetic nature and in accordance with the plan purchased by the Advertiser or this Agreement.

2.4) WiLinkU reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to review, refuse to post or remove any advertisement transmitted through its electronic network that infringes these Terms and Conditions. The Advertiser will be informed by WiLinkU about the basis for such decision.

Registration and Password

2.5) Under this Agreement,  the Advertiser that is a legal person accepts that natural persons, duly authorized to represent him, register its legal references (i.e. name and address) and generate the access password as part of the process to generate quotations, purchase orders and invoices. There will be occasions in which a natural person shall first register as an individual user of WiLinkU to subsequently enter the legal references of his business during the process of generating quotes. 

2.6) En case the WiLinkU team does the registration on behalf of and with the approval of an Advertiser, we will abide by these Terms & Conditions.

2.7) No person working for the Advertiser shall generate a password on behalf of the Advertiser without the knowledge and consent of the Advertiser. When the authorized person logs into the WiLinkU site with the Advertiser’s password, his actions must be within the guidelines defined in this Agreement. The Advertiser shall ensure that any transaction generated under its name, known to him, is appropriate and duly authorized.

2.8) The Advertiser is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his password and profile, and agrees to indemnify, defend and exempt WiLinkU from any and all claims of his own or from third parties, from civil liability, damages and / or costs. The Advertiser shall immediately notify WiLinkU of any unauthorized use of his account or any other breach of security he notices.

2.9) The Advertiser will have access to statistics (views and clicks) under the name and password registered on his behalf, on the "My Profile" page.


2.10) The graphical, text and content presentation of the original or modified ads (logos, images, text, links, websites, graphics, videos, music, e-mail, etc.) will be under the direct responsibility of the Advertiser. WiLinkU is not responsible for the information provided by each Advertiser and later published through our electronic media. WiLinkU acts merely as an informative channel.

2.11) The Advertiser exempts WiLinkU (and our agents, affiliates, representatives, contractors, directors and employees) from all liability, legal suits and damage claims of any kind and nature, known and unknown, related to any dispute arising from the sharing of information with third parties. Any breach or claim by third parties should be properly resolved by the respective Advertiser.

2.12) The Advertiser agrees that all information and material transmitted through Wilinku’s electronic media will not be improper, fraudulent, harmful, illegal, obscene, vulgar, threatening, abusive, defamatory, invasive of personal or corporate privacy, in violation of copyright and intellectual property, that it will not contain any virus or harmful programs to any system or secretly intercept personal data or information, and that is not, in any way, unacceptable or incorrect.

2.13) Both parties acknowledge that the functioning of the electronic network of WiLinkU can be affected by factors beyond the control of WiLinkU. The use of the network by the Advertiser is at his own risk. In no event, will WiLinkU be liable for monetary losses or any special, incidental, or consequential damages for any malfunction of the portal.

Advertising Services:

2.14) WiLinkU provides the following advertising services: Text-Ads, Video Ads and Banners on its .com portal. This portal is configured and optimized to be seen on PCs with Windows 7 system and internet browsers Explorer version 9 and newer and Firefox 17.0 and newer. The site may be visited using other operating systems or browsers but some visibility or access issues may occur.

2.15) The publication of ads is coordinated and managed by WiLinkU. The Advertiser shall provide the content to WiLinkU according to the service purchased by him.  The Advertiser grants WiLinkU the right to verify the information provided, to revise esthetic detailsand other details according to the contracted plan. If no objections arise, and payment is received, WiLinkU shall immediately publish the ad on its electronic network

2.16) The Advertiser can submit a new graphic element or substitute a graphic element, up to two (2) weeks before the respective services contract expires.

2.17) Text-Ads

a.    This service is available under the "Video Punch " and "Tourism" tabs.

b.    Its duration is of 12 months, counted from the date of the first publication.

c.    When ordered as stand-alone services, they can only be linked to an already existing category or theme.

d.    The text has a limit of 175 characters including (letters, numbers and spaces).

e.    The Advertiser may modify the original text up to 3 times during the duration of the contract.

f.     The graphic element (ie. logo) that is to be displayed along the text shall be delivered in jpg. Format, with a size of 145 pixels (width) x 90 pixels (high) and a digital size not larger than 100 KB.

2.18) Video-Ads

a.    This service is available under the "Punch Video" and "Tourism" tabs.

b.    The Video-Ads are offered in 9, 12 and 15 month plans, counted from the date the first video is posted.

c.    Their prices are set in successive reserved space ranges of 15 minutes each (ie. 15, 30 or 45 minutes).

d.    For each 15-minute range the Advertiser may submit up to five (5) different videos for their publication during the duration of the Agreement. Please note that when replacing a video for another, the statistics of the first one will likely be lost.

e.    The Advertiser’s videos can be linked to up to two (2) different themes within the same tab ("Punch Videos" or "Tourism"), to be agreed by the Parties.

f.     This service includes a text-ad that will be linked to one of the categories used for the videos.

g.    The Advertiser has the right to his own category, in other words, one carrying his name, or can use an already existing category. If it is agreed that the videos are to be linked to two different categories, one of them must be an existing one.

h.    All videos from an Advertiser shall appear under the selected category (ies).  The text-ad can be linked to any existing category.

i.      When a user clicks on a category selected by the Advertiser, the icons of his videos will appear listed as per the defined view: "Most Recent", "Most Viewed", "Most Discussed". The text-ads will appear on a rotating and random basis.

j.      The videos to be delivered by the Advertiser shall be in one of the following formats:. Mp4,. Avi, and. Wmw. These videos can be physically delivered by portable memory or memory disks, or be transferred to a shared server, according to WiLinkU instructions.

2.19) Banners

a.    This ad group has a presence in all the tabs and pages of WiLinkU. The Advertiser decides on which page his ad shall appear, based on the available packages.

b.    WiLinkU offers spaces for horizontal banners (wide or narrow), vertical banners (tall or short) and square banners. The position within a page may be higher or lower for the horizontal banners, left or right for the vertical ones, and the bottom section for squares. Our packages contain descriptions as per the above positions. Examples: Horizontal Upper Wide, Vertical Left Tall or Bottom Square.

c.    Spaces are available for 12 months, from the date of its first publication.

d.    For every banner space rented, the Advertiser may submit up to five (5) different banners for replacement and publication, for the duration of the Agreement. When replacing a graphic element by another, statistics of the previous banner may be lost. It will be the responsibility of the Advertiser to take note of the replaced banner’s statistics before it is replaced.

e.    Prices are defined according to Advertiser’s selected size, position and page - refer to the prices table or price configurator for more details.

f.     The graphic element of the banner shall be delivered in static (.jpg) or dynamic (.gif, or.swf) format, as per the pixel dimensions defined for each package.

g.    Such graphic element must be web-optimized, its digital weight shall not exceed 400 KB, and if it has a dynamic format, its animation’s duration shall not exceed 20 seconds.

h.    The banners of different advertisers will appear, on each space defined for such purpose, on a rotating and random basis.

i.      WiLinkU will strive to provide statistics on the number of times each banner has been seen and clicked upon by visitors. This service will be provided following the principle of best efforts.


2.20)  Our advertising prices may be periodically modified and our .com Portal will be updated accordingly. Any natural or legal person interested in WiLinkU’s advertising services can contact us to ask for a copy of our most recent Prices Chart.

2.21) The WiLinku.com Portal plans to make available to each registered Advertiser, a section in the “My Profile” page, where he shall have access to a packages and prices configurator.

2.22) Those services whose prices have been reduced as part of a specific promotion are excluded from any other offer, discount or promotion that may exist at the time of purchase.

Generation of Quotes, Purchase Orders & Invoices

2.23) Once the person assigned by the Advertiser is registered in WiLinkU, (s)he is going to have access to the page "My Profile" which will have a section called "Quotes Configurator".

2.24) Once the user enters the “Quotes Configurator”,(s)he should follow the following steps: a. Choose between two options: 1) Request a Quote as business owner or sole trader or 2) Request a Quote as a person representing the owner or advertising company.

b. Fill out the template with general data about your company, be it your own or one you represent.

c. Select one of the services or products available in the options window. Choose the method of payment and the WiLinkU company which should generate the quote and get your eventual order. Fill out options that may appear.

d. Check the quote generated. At this point, if the Advertiser wants to generate the order, he will have to confirm he has read these Terms and Conditions, including our Cancellation Policy.

e. If the content of our Quote and our Terms and Conditions are accepted, the Advertiser can proceed to place his Purchase Order, which will be confirmed by WiLinkU per email.

f. Make the payment according as per the payment method chosen.

g. Once payment is made, if it was made through a bank transfer or direct bank deposit, the Advertiser shall send a copy of the payment proof (scanned) by email to: service@wilinku.com.

h. Once the full payment is received, WiLinkU will send the Advertiser the respective invoice, preferably per email.

i. In the event that an Advertiser requires the invoice before making the payment, the Advertiser waives his right to cancel the purchase order and agrees to pay the invoice.

Terms and Payment Methods

2.25) Our conditions are “advance payment”, by which the Advertiser has 15 calendar days from the date the purchase order and/or the invoice is delivered to the Advertiser. The Purchase Orders and/or Invoices must be paid in full.  As long as the payment is pending, the advertisement will not be published.

2.26) The payment of each Purchase Order and/or Invoice will depend on which WiLinkU company and payment method was selected by the Advertiser during the quoting process. Below are the current options:

a. WiLinkU Honduras (Enlaces Globales S. de R.L. de CV):  Direct deposits, online bank transfers or check payments in USD or LPS.

b. Wilinku USA (Wilinku NA, LLC): Payments via Paypal Standard (including credit cards), Paypal Invoice, direct deposits or online bank transfers to our checking account (USD).

c. Wilinku Germany (Wilinku GmbH): Payments via Paypal Standard (including credit cards), deposits or transfers to our bank account (EUR).

Delivery of Advertising Material and Official Start of Services

2.27) Once the Advertisers confirms his Purchase Order, he will receive from WiLinkU the respective forms and instructions to expedite the publication of his ads. The Advertiser can deliver his advertising material (text, graphics, videos) when the Purchase Order is generated, and no later than five (5) business days after the Purchase Order and/or Invoice is paid.

2.28) The Official Start of Services will be from the date in which the respective ad of the Advertiser is first published.

Advertising Production Services:

2.29) WiLinkU may offer ad-hoc production services of banners or videos. When the Advertiser requires support in the production of his ads, if WiLinkU is not immediately available to provide such service, it will provide the customer, as courtesy, names of independent professionals that may be able to perform such services. In that case, the Advertiser must reach an agreement directly with these professionals.

If WiLinkU can take care of the production of such ads, the price for such work will be subject of a separate negotiation and agreement with the Advertiser.

Cancellation Policy

2.30) WiLinkU is committed to provide the highest quality of service to his sponsors: Users, Advertisersand others; and to maintain a fluid communication that allows us to solve problems and ensure your satisfaction.

2.31) In case the Advertiser decides to cancel their commercial relationship with WiLinkU, it is absolutely necessary to do so writing by sending an email to: service@wilinku.com.

Prior to the Start of the Official Services Period

2.32) In cases when a Purchase Order is the only document generated and delivered to the Advertiser by WiLinkU, the Advertiser will have 15 calendar days, from the date on the Purchase Order,  to cancel without any justification. Any payment made by the Advertiser during the purchase process will be reimbursed using a similar payment method as the one by him, minus financial fees incurred to third parties and a USD 5 reimbursement processing fee.

During the Official Services Period

2.33) Once the 15 days mentioned on the previous clause have passed, any Advertiser that considers that WiLinkU is breaking the terms and conditions of this Agreement must submit a written claim to: service@wilinku.com.  If despite WiLinkU’s efforts to remedy the situation, the Advertiser is not satisfied with our services, the sole and exclusive remedy of the Advertiser shall be to request the removal of his advertising from our network.

2.34) WiLinkU will notify in writing to the Advertiser, via email, when we get to know that an advertising material, delivered to us for publication, violates any term or condition of this Agreement. If after three (3) consecutive notices by WiLinkU, the Advertiser does not react or make efforts to change the situation, WiLinkU have the right to withdraw the advertising containing the irregular material or even cancel the Agreement without any obligation to reimburse payments already made, for services not provided.

Customer Service - Advertisers

2.35) In case of doubts or questions about these Terms and Conditions, please contact us via email: service@wilinku.com, or via our Skype account: wilinku_service.

Changes to Terms and Conditions for Advertisers

2.36) WiLinkU has the right to make further reviews and amendments to the present Terms and Conditions for Advertisers. In case of material changes, WiLinkU will notify its Advertisers.  The Advertisers can determine when these Terms and Conditions were last modified by reading the following caption: "LAST UPDATE"

LAST UPDATE: March 26, 2013

You can download a copy on pdf of these terms and conditions by clicking HERE

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