• Your most economical option, lasting 12 months.
  • During the contract's duration, you can modify your text up to 3 times.
  • This option includes the presentation of your company logo, text up to 175 characters and a link to a website or email address.
  • You propose the category under which you want your advertising text to be visible to the public.
  • When visitors click on the chosen category, your text will show up accordingly.
  • You will have access to statistics such as: number of views (# of times the ad has been visible to visitors) and clicks (# of times visitors clicked on it)

Reserve your text-ad at the very competitive price of USD 48 today !

You can download a copy of our media kit in pdf by clicking HERE

Puede bajar una copia de nuestro kit de media de texto-anuncios, en pdf, presionando AQUI

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