• You can choose from 9, 12 or 15-month packages (the longer the duration, the lower the monthly cost).
  • Each plan starts with a minimum reserved time of 15 minutes, which can be further increased in 15-minute batches.
  • Each 15-minute reservation entitles you to upload up to five different videos (maximum # of modifications = 5) during the contract period.
  • You are entitled to choose two categories, in the "Videos Punch" or "Tourism" tabs, under which your products and/or services shall be featured.
  • You decide under which country filters your videos shall be visible.
  • You will have access to statistics on the number of views (# of times the icon was presented to visitors) and clicks (# of times visitors clicked to watch the video.)
  • This package includes a Text Ad that appears alongside your videos

We look forward to promoting your business. Our video-ad prices start at USD 189 (sales tax not included, if applicable).

You can download a copy of our media kit as a pdf document by clicking HERE

Questions ? Doubts ? We can be reached via Skype: wilinku_service, via email @ or by filling out this template


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