Iternational Trailer THE SANATORIUM

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Official International Trailer for the Costa Rican horror comedy THE SANATORIUM. Winner of the Audience Award at the 2010 Morbido Horror and Fantasy Film Fest. The Sanatorium is a mockumentary following a group of young ghost hunters going to the infamous Duran Sanatorium in Cartago, Costa Rica looking for ghosts. Directed by Miguel Gomez Produced By Dennis Gomez Andrea Truque Cast Luis Bogantes Pablo Masís Kurt Dyer Mary Oreamuno Lulú Garita

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Video Title: Iternational Trailer THE SANATORIUM
Language Spanish
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Tags: the Sanatorium, El Sanatorio, Costa Rica, peliculas, trailers, Full-Length Films, El Cielo Rojo, accion
Uploaded: 21.01.2011
From Miguel Gomez
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